About Safe Seat

Safe Seat is a hygienic, intelligent and a self cleaning toilet seat cover technology. It is an electronic and an automatic sanitary machine with a sensor attached in each seat. The idea is to give every user a new, fresh and clean seat.

A plastic roll covers the seat. On the press of the stainless steel button located on top of the seat, automatically a fresh sanitary film roll of plastic comes out, thus collecting the used film on the other side. This ensures one exact rotation on each use, making it the cleanest seat to use. The used film will be destroyed by a cutter to ensure one time use, so it can never be re-used. The time interval between the two push ensures no misuse of the machine.

Being inspired by the thoughtful initiatives; 'Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan' and 'Make in India' of our esteemed Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the Government of India, this unique product is a perfect blend of the two.

We take pride in contributing to the economy of India by manufacturing our products in India. Our major objective behind the initiative is to focus on job creation, skill enhancement, maintain top level product quality standards.

We aim at promoting India's largest cleanliness campaign till date. We take this movement one step ahead by providing clean and hygienic toilet seats. Our goal is to attain customer service and minimize the impact on the environment.

We aim at reducing toilet paper consumption which according to the latest issue of World Watch magazine, wipes out 27,000 trees a day which has a major impact on forests around the world.

We have met all pre requisites and performed all the required tests for our plastic rolls with supporting bio-degradable certificates which are approved and certified by Add-X Biotech, a Sweden company.

We are proud to be a part of Start up India, an initiative by the Government to support the young and upcoming entrepreneurs of our country. We look forward to bring in the future goals of becoming a Developed Nation.


Easy installation

Long product life

Low on maintenance

Standard size

Easy Operation

Wide application scope

Hygiene & Health Care

Saves Time & Resource

Unique & Innovative

Customer satisfaction


Sustainable Model

Why Choose Safe Seat?

"Do you feel safe sitting on a WC outside your home? "
"Have you also had to sit in weird positions or squat in a bathroom?"
Who anyway wants to sit on a toilet seat which is recently used by somebody else!

It is an established fact that people are afraid to use a public washroom. Sharing a WC is like sharing a toothbrush or a towel with strangers. Until now, there wasn’t much that could be done to solve this problem for years.

User Friendly

Safe Seat saves you from the nightmare of contaminated toilet seats only by pressing of a button and dispensing a fresh sheet. Now, no need to compromise with the unacceptable hygienic conditions around you. We understand your concerns in the washroom and provide you with an excellent user experience!

Customer Complaints

Customers generally experience gross and dirty washrooms. Toilet Seats in these washrooms are a major area of concern due to exposure to maximum amount of germs which leads to customer complaints. Safe Seat understands plight of the users and helps overcome these obstacles. As we all know clean washrooms are essential for customer trust.

Improved health security for employees

Employees are a key asset to any organization. Using a washroom is a very personal and private experience. Let your employees know their health and comfort is your concern and give them a pleasant feel. Prevent lost working days and safeguard the health of your employees. Let’s be safe!

99.99% germ free

Dirty toilet seats spread unwanted deadly germs and bacterial contamination like e coli, strep, viruses and bodily fluids. Safe Seat eliminates these by giving fresh clean seat to every user. Even using anti bacterial spray does not ensure 100% safety. Safe Seat not only disinfects the toilet seat, but also acts as a sterilizer!

Hassle-free Housekeeping

Customers take the pain to clean the toilet seat by using water, jetspray and toilet paper which sticks to the hands most of the times and also creates a mess on the floor. Housekeeping cannot be expected to clean the seat after every use which brings dishonor to the brand. With Safe Seat don’t leave the mess and keep your restrooms clean!

Neat & clean

Usually the brim of the ordinary toilet bowl is soiled with scurf and other invisible contaminants and sprinkled with water and urine causing an uncomfortable environment for the user. Safe Seat's attractive design not only removes unsightly and unprofessional appearance but promotes neatness and cleanliness!

Plumbing problems

Many times the tissues and multiple seat covers used by the customers go down the toilet or end up on the floor stuffing up the toilets, resulting in clogging of pipes thus an overflowing toilet which calls for a plumber resulting in increased costs. Safe seat ensures no wastage and no clogged toilets!

Cost effective

With tissue rolls and toilet paper seat covers, multiple sheets are usually pulled out at the same time, thus having no controlled usage and increasing the cost of supplies. Also, sanitizer sprays are an expensive alternative with no guarantee of maximum protection and the fear of being stolen or lost. Now, save your cost with Safe Seat!

Prevents Diseases & Infections

Safe seat helps in lowering the chances of accidental exposure and illness. Even if the washroom is constantly clean, it isn't germ free. This leads to urinary tract infections (UTI), diarrhea, gastroenteritis, staph, herpes, and Hepatitis A. Because prevention is better than cure!

Are you a business?

We understand the need of customer and employee retention. The key to this is paying attention to the small details. Safe Seat is designed to improve your standards of hygiene, increase the image of your public restroom facility and your bottom-line profitability.

Many of our clients believe that utilizing our seats is a marketing tool, and even gives them a competitive edge over their competition. A million people do their business on our product. Your restrooms are a reflection of you and your business. It's a risk people prefer not to take. Now you can pursue customer satisfaction by exceeding expectations with our products and services.

Safe Seat is ideal for all commercially shared toilet facilities. It meets the need of the changing economy by giving functional and high class solutions to companies and giving professional and integrated service on public health solution.

It's a no brainer for you! Since we all know hygiene of a place is judged by its washroom.

Are you a consumer?

"Are you the victim of adjusting the toilet seat paper cover to fit in your needs?"

"Are you too fed up of wet toilet seats?"

"Are you carrying expensive sanitizer sprays?"

At present, most of the public toilets in the country will make you faint even before you are halfway through with their stained seats. While most men take to the street corners for relief, women are left to bear the discomfort. So, what do women who really need to pee do?

Safe Seat aims at providing peace of mind, comfort, pleasing satisfaction and secure trust to the consumers and general public. Now, ease your fear with Safe Seat and prevent cross infection easily by using the best bathroom protection.

Now, do not settle for less and demand for your rights. Because your right to hygiene is our duty!

Industries we cater to

Hotels Clubs and Resorts
Hotels, Clubs & Resorts
Salons & Spas
Schools & Colleges
Schools & Colleges
Corporates & Offices
Corporates & Offices
Govt. Buildings
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Safe Seat News

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people's problems with our solutions

Our Vision

Our vision is to improve everyone’s quality of life and to build a culture on our products with the help of ongoing research and development

Agrasen Global Private Limited ® (AGPL) started its journey in March 2016 with our first product; LOBBY which is an umbrella wrapping machine used to wrap wet umbrellas in a biodegradable plastic bag thus avoiding wet slippery floors and the hassle to carry a wet umbrella. Lobby boasts of a rich clientele including names like Zara, Oberoi Mall, Infiniti Mall, Enrich salons, Bank of America, Star India Network and many more.

We introduced our patented hygienic Safe Seat in December 2016 which is not only modern and stylish but also environment friendly.

At AGPL, we aim to create a great company that is trusted by people around the world to create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and to contribute to the betterment of society.

We take pride in being the only Indian manufacturer of Safe Seat. AGPL is trusted all over the country for its reputation for uniformity and innovation. This has allowed us to continue to serve customers throughout India. We continue to maintain our position as the industry leader, manufacturing products specifically designed to meet public and business demands for a safer and more hygienic environment.

AGPL's philosophy is to provide problem solving and effective products. With the introduction of Safe Seat we have successfully changed the perception of what a bathroom can be thereby changing the face of the country.

There will be a time when a WC will be incomplete without a Safe Seat. When it’s time to invest in sanitary toilet seat covers, Safe Seat is trusted across the country.

Customer Relationship

Building and maintaining customer relationships is central to our business. As a professional manufacturer and supplier, we are always at your service. We have steadily built a reputation for customer satisfaction, quality and dependability for all our products. From your first phone call through the ordering and installation process, our goal is to provide you with excellent service, superior product, and value.

Quality Standards

Safe Seat proudly manufactures all of its products in India and maintains its high standards of quality control by ensuring that the product design, choice of materials used, and production management procedures are strictly enforced at all times. Our national patented products and technology meets our stringent quality control norms. We insist that all success of our company is directly related to the quality of the products we offer.